Having missed all the races this season I am starting to loose interest in Formula 1. Having said that I think I want to watch the last race of the season and probably the last race of one of the greatest drivers of all times – Michael Schumacher. I use to be big fan of Schumi a couple of years back before he started using “questionable” tactics and would do almost anything to win a race. I think he is a fantastic driver and Ferrari would not be at the top if it wasn’t for him. And having said that he will not only be remembered for the 7 titles that he has won but also for all the controversies surrounding him and Ferrari over the past few years.

It’s down to the last race, if Schumi wants to win his 8th F1 Title he has to win the Brazilian GP and Alonso cannot finish in the Top 8. It should be an interesting one, the probability of MS winning the race and title is very low but as the saying goes – it’s ain’t over till it’s over!