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Today I typed in a query in the google serach bar which was basically an error message from one of my programs I was trying to debug. I had two matches for the query and both of them were in German. There was a [Translate Page] option next to the link which immediately translated the entire webpage to English. There were a few words which were not translated but there was enough to figure out what was written and fortunately for me enough to fix my problem. Another cool feature from Google, which I had never used before.



Montoya quits F1 and will move to NASCAR. That’s a bit of a surprise, since it’s taking a step back in your racing career. Most drivers strive to drive in F1 but Montoya is leaving F1 to go to NASCAR where the cars are less powerful, tracks less challenging and the money is definitely far less that what you would make in F1. He said he is doing this because F1 is becoming boring and it is extremely hard to pass cars. I wonder if it’s really this or the fact that there is more competition in F1. For one, NASCAR has a lot to gain from this move, as more “non-americans” may start following the sport because of Montoya.

I am sure I am not the only one who had a lump in my throat when Zidane left the field after been given a red card for head-butting Materazzi . One of the greatest players in the world who was all set to join the likes of Pele and Beckenbauer irrespective of whether France won or not….and now I am not sure if he will. I was happy for Italy when they won but there was something missing from the final ceremony – not seeing Zidane on the field (probably for the last time) and not seeing him get a standing ovation will leave a void on what could have been a great finals for one of the greatest!

I tried out this relatively new service for the first time today. My first impression – I like it! Like a lot of the other Google services I am not sure how useful this will be. This service basically lets users spot trends acroos the world on any “keyword” and returns a search volume vs time graph. It also returns a news reference volume vs time graph. You can also do a comparison between two keywords. The drawbacks is that you can’t search for something specific, it works only for very generic keywords. I guess it is still in the research phase therefore the limitation. “Yahoo” is more popular than “Google”…hmm!



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