Watched a lot of sports last weekend – NBA game 5, US Open Golf and Football.

First of all, I am a big fan of Mickelson. And just when I started to think he has got the monkey off his back and is actually finishing off and winning tournaments he fumbles again (like so many times in the past) on the 72nd hole. All he needed was a par to win the tournament and he ended up double bogeying the hole. He took an unnecessary risk by going for the green on the second shot after a terrible tee shot and ended up hitting the tree. All he had to do was hit out to the fairway and play from there. So many times in the past he has played outstandingly till the very last only to make some poor decisions at the very end and loose out.

Also I finally managed to catch up on some football matches. USA lost to Italy in what was an extremely controversial game. There were 3 red cards in the game, 1 given to the Italian side which was justified after one of the players elbowed a player from the other side (McBride I think) intentionally who actually ended up bleeding quite profusely. The other 2 red cards were both given to the US team for illegal tackles which I though was a little harsh. They should have just been warned or given a yellow card. Apparently the head referee of this game had made rash decisions in the past as well. Hopefuly we don’t see such refreeing again, just takes away the beauty of the game. On the other hand Brazil’s game against Austarlia was extremely exciting. For people who normally don’t watch football and think it’s boring should watch a Brazil game – they just play with so much flare then any other team which makes it worthwhile even if they don’t score.

And finally yesterday, Mavs and Heat played their fifth game at Miami. The game ended up going to overtime and Miami won my one point. Thanks to some bad refreeing – Mavs “apparent” time-out with 1.5s left and still 1 FT to go for Miami left the Mavs with no time to make it to the other half and make one final shot and it seemed like Wade committed a back-court violation on the final play which the refereesomehow missed.