Having missed all the races this season I am starting to loose interest in Formula 1. Having said that I think I want to watch the last race of the season and probably the last race of one of the greatest drivers of all times – Michael Schumacher. I use to be big fan of Schumi a couple of years back before he started using “questionable” tactics and would do almost anything to win a race. I think he is a fantastic driver and Ferrari would not be at the top if it wasn’t for him. And having said that he will not only be remembered for the 7 titles that he has won but also for all the controversies surrounding him and Ferrari over the past few years.

It’s down to the last race, if Schumi wants to win his 8th F1 Title he has to win the Brazilian GP and Alonso cannot finish in the Top 8. It should be an interesting one, the probability of MS winning the race and title is very low but as the saying goes – it’s ain’t over till it’s over!

My first impression of Pandora – it rocks! After using it for about a day, I am totally impressed by this internet radio station. You can create upto 100 music stations by typing in the name of the song or artist. The station then tries to play similar songs/artists. It is a part of something called th Music Genome Project which is a database of sorts to link similar sounding songs. I know Yahoo does or tries to do something similar but I have never really liked it and it has always been a frustrating experience trying to stream audio from Launchcast (maybe because I was using the free version). Pandora has it’s own built in player for the browser, so you don’t have to worry about downloading 3rd party players or plug-ins. The streaming sound quality is better than any radio station I have listened to on the internet and I haven’t expereinced any buffering till date.

Quick note about the Katie Couric thing – I don’t understand what the big deal is being an evening news anchor. It’s reading news and presenting it in a certain way, there are hundreds and thousands of people who do this on news channels all around the world. Isn’t there more important stuff going on around the world than baby Suri and Couric’s evening news debut? I just don’t get it!

Steve Irwin died from a sting ray attack a couple of days back. There is so much being written about him in the press and so much analysis being done about his show and documentaries.  Some people are saying he mistreated the animals on the show. I have watched a few episodes of his show and seen him a few times on Jay Leno and I personally think all the negative stuff which people are writing/saying is a bunch of crap. From the few times I have watched him on TV he comes out to be a genuine guy who likes animals and loves his job. You just know if a person is cruel or bad and Steve Irwin  isn’t. What I don’t understand is why are all these people bringing this up after his death? It’s sad to see how some people  in the media can even capitalize on somebody’s death.

I have been sick the past couple of days probably due to lack of sleep and an overdose of caffeine. With the TV broken, I don’t have much of a choice but to lie in bed and do stuff I wouldn’t normally do –

1) I finally had the chance to catch up on some reading, with the growing pile of magazines and books on my side-table I was beginning to wonder if I should cancel my subscription to some of them and with books I always end up reading the first few chapters and never really finish them (well not all the time altleast). But anyways, the past few days have been good and am beginning to realise the joys of reading again.

2) I took the time to really think about a lot of stuff – my career, social life and all that. As expected not much came out of it 🙂 though I did release that sometimes it’s good not to try too hard.

3) I love the PSP – the fact that it is portable and packs such high resolution is just awesome. It’s such a powerful device and rumours are that Sony is going to come out with a GPS module for it. Played Tiger Woods Golf most of the time, I am finally getting better with the putting.

4) I have been quite bad at keeping track of my stocks lately. I am kind off stuck in the hold / sell dilemma, there are some stocks which have been consistently going down in my portfolio, I think it’s time to call some people who know more about this than I do and see what they have to say.

5) I started looking into the South America trip which I plan to go on later this year or early next year. I have decided it’s going to be 2 countries – Brazil and Argentina. I am already getting excited shortlisting all the places we plan (so far it’s my sister and me) to go to. I am keeping my fingers crossed, hope this works out! On the downside, I missed out on a great party this weekend. Well I guess there is always a next time.

This has to be one of the funniest videos on YouTube.

Click here for more of the “phycho” series.


Krugle is yet another Silicon Valley vertical search venture. One could search source code, technical documentation and tutorials in pretty much any language. I think targeting niche audiences is a great idea and is benficial to the users and advertisers.

One more site added to my growing list of spiffy (and useful) web 2.0 sites.

Today I typed in a query in the google serach bar which was basically an error message from one of my programs I was trying to debug. I had two matches for the query and both of them were in German. There was a [Translate Page] option next to the link which immediately translated the entire webpage to English. There were a few words which were not translated but there was enough to figure out what was written and fortunately for me enough to fix my problem. Another cool feature from Google, which I had never used before.

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